Complex Civil Litigation

At Campbell Flannery, P.C. our experienced civil litigation attorneys represent individuals and companies throughout the country in litigation and mediation proceedings across a wide variety of fields. We are accomplished trial lawyers and we always conduct litigation efficiently. Moreover, we remain conscious of the expensive nature of litigation.

Our trial lawyers excel in representing clients faced with complex civil trial and appellate cases in areas including:

  •    • Professional Liability
  •    • Construction
  •    • Bankruptcy
  •    • Creditor Rights
  •    • Title Defects
  •    • Real Estate
  •    • Contract Claims
  •    • Business Litigation
  •    • Wills and Trusts and other Estate Matters

Relief granted in a civil suit varies: one can sue for money damages (as is common in an automobile accident claim); seek an injunction to prevent someone from taking a harmful action (as in a protection order in a divorce suit); or request specific performance of a contract (common in contractual disputes). The relief you receive depends upon the type of case filed, limited by the types of relief available.

If you would like to discuss a potential lawsuit, a pending lawsuit, or an appeal of one with an experienced trial lawyer, please contact Campbell Flannery, P.C. for a free initial consultation. We can help with all of your civil litigation needs.